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Laboratory for High Energy Physics


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PhD Student Positions

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Master Theses

NOTE: If you are thinking of getting your Masters degree in physics at the University of Bern, you will find the necessary information here.

We offer a wide range of Master thesis topics fully integrated in our research programs. These range from laboratory work to the development of modern computing tools. Please find below a list of possible research subjects and areas which give you an idea of the prospective theses.

Please contact Prof. Dr. Antonio Ereditato for more information.

High energy: ATLAS @ LHC

  • Analysis studies for new discoveries using 13 TeV center of mass energy data
  • Parallelization of reconstruction and analysis code for usage on massive multicore CPU hardware (GPU etc)
  • Commissioning of a newly installed silicon pixel detector in ATLAS
  • Work on the ATLAS pixel optical readout. New optical receiver modules will be designed in Bern, they need to be tested in a setup to be built

Neutrinos: T2K, LEM, OPERA

  • Measurements of neutrino interaction cross sections in T2K neutrino oscillation experiment.
  • Study of the low energy component of the T2K neutrino beam with the LEM detector.
  • Analysis of νμ → νe oscillations with the OPERA experiment.

Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay: EXO

  • Development of a cryogenic noble liquid purity monitor with high dynamic range for the Ba ion tagging R&D.

Dark Matter: XENON

  • Searching for dark matter with XENON1T: Reading signals from a large xenon time projection chamber
  • Liquid xenon in the lab: development of a small detector


  • Electric field calibration of a 100t liquid argon detector with a high power laser
  • Reconstruction of complex 3D neutrino interaction images from a liquid argon tpc
  • Slow control systems in a modern particle physics experiment

Antimatter: AegIS

  • Development of a time of flight detector for the AEgIS experiment at CERN: MC simulation, construction and commissioning
  • Development and performance measurements of a new emulsion detector to measure anti-hydrogen annihilation in the AEgIS experiment at CERN

Novel detectors, Liquid noble gases

  • Study of the electrical strength of liquid Argon at large breakdown distances
  • Design and test of novel CMOS-like readout schemes for liquid Argon TPCs

R&D on Emulsion particle detectors

  • Particles tracking in 3D: Reconstruction of nuclear emulsion data by the state-of-the-art computing technologies using GPUs

Medical Application of Particle Physics

  • Particle accelerator physics with the new Bern medical cyclotron
  • Development of particle detectors for medical applications of ion beams and radiation protection
  • Novel radioisotopes for medical imaging
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