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Publications 2009 and earlier

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Title:Protontherapy as an incentive for a national collaborative center: The SWAN approach
Authors:Braccini Saverio
Ref: DOI:10.3205/09ptcog218 (2009)
Title:Status of the ATLAS Experiment
Authors:The ATLAS Collaboration
Ref:Annual Meeting of ÖPG/SPS/ÖGAA (2009)
Title:Expected performance of the ATLAS experiment - detector, trigger and physics
Authors:The ATLAS Collaboration
Ref:arXiv:0901.0512v4 (2009)
Title:Triggering on Long-Lived Neutral Particles in the ATLAS Detector
Authors:The ATLAS Collaboration
Ref:ATL-PHYS-PUB-2009-082 (2009)
Title:Opera neutrino oscillation experiment: On the way to nu(tau) observation
Authors:Kreslo Igor
Ref:J.Phys.Conf.Ser. 171(2009)012066 (2009)
Title:The OPERA experiment in the CERN to Gran Sasso neutrino beam
Authors:The OPERA Collaboration
Ref:JINST 4 P04018 4 (2009)
Title:The detection of neutrino interactions in the emulsion/lead target of the OPERA experiment
Authors:The OPERA Collaboration
Ref:JINST 4:P06020,2009 4 (2009)
Title:Detectors and flux instrumentation for future neutrino facilities
Authors:Ereditato Antonio
Ref:JINST 4:T05001,2009 4 (2009)
Title:New gas mixtures suitable for rare event detection using a Micromegas-TPC detector
Authors:Vuilleumier Jean-Luc, Vuilleumier Jean-Michel
Ref:JINST_001P_1008 4 P01001 (2009)
Title:A prototype liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber for the study of UV laser multi-photonic ionization
Authors:Badhrees Ibtesam, Ereditato Antonio, Hänni Roger, Haug Sigve, Hess Max, Janos Stefan, Juget Frederic, Kreslo Igor, Lehmann Simon, Lutz Pascal, Mathieu Remo, Messina Marcello, Moser Urs, Nydegger Fritz, Rossi Biagio, Schütz (Husch) Hans-Ulrich, Weber Manuel, Zeller Marcel
Ref:Journal of Instrumentiation 4 (2009)

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