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The Large Hadron Collider is delivering millions of proton-proton collisions every second. With current storage and computing technologies only some hundreds of these can be stored. Thus, a large online computing cluster is being used to select the interesting events.

Figure 1: Part of the ATLAS online cluster.

Figure 2: Part of the ATLAS control room.

Further the enormous amount of data is distributed over a world-wide system of computing clusters. In Switzerland (apart from CERN) ATLAS has clusters in Bern, in Geneva and in the Swiss Super Computing Center (CSCS) in Ticino.

Figure 3: Work on the local computing cluster in Bern.

LHEP is delivering hardware and software for the online cluster. We are also operating a local cluster and work in close collaboration with the Informatic Service Department of the university and CSCS.

In total several tens of thousands computers are running constantly for ATLAS. Thus, ATLAS is also from a grid computing perspective a challenging experiment.

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