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Laboratory for High Energy Physics


Scanning with dry lens

Emulsion Scanning without oil

  • Objective type:
    CFI LU PLAN Epi 50x NA 0.800 AA 1.00 mm
    ordering code MUE00500 (maybe changed since last order...)
    The price in Switzerland is CHF 1428.00
  • Objective heater: see photo
    Helps to avoid water condensation on the front lense of the objective.
    The heater is made of high resistance wire, the resistance is 50 Ohm,
    operating voltage is 12V. It keeps the lens at the temperature slightly higher than the air (~30-40 deg)
  • Illumination system
    Tuned to have focus in between two emulsion layers - just like for oil scan.
    The angular distribution of light within full aperture (0.8) is such that when grain goes out of focus
    it produce gaussian spot, not the ring! In NIKON light system this can be achieved (I hope :-) )by proper choise of
    white dispersor filter and lamp itself. This tuning is nesessary also for oil scan, because it increase
    grain coordinate and thus microtrack angular precision. To simplify transition to dry scanning its maybe reasonable
    to start with NA decreased to 0.75.
  • Emulsion preparation
    No special preparation is needed if the emulsion has never been scanned with the oil.
    Otherwise the top surface must be carefully cleaned with dry soft tissue or paper.
    Bubbles under emulsion make the same effect as in oil scanning, if not too large they are less bright
    so the efficiency in them might be little less. New design of the glass table helps to avoid them.
  • Camera MC1310 Configuration
    Main change with respect to normal -
    The gain is higher and the black level is higher thus increasing a contrast in the region of interest.
  • SySal Configurations
    SySal Project file to scan with dry objective
    Flat field for TOP and BOTTOM (must be re-taken at the place)
    Field threshold equalisation map (must be probably corrected at the place)
    SmartFitter configuraton (registry file)
    DataIO2 configuraton (registry file)
    Objective configuraton (registry file)
    Odyssey configuraton (registry file)
    FlexStage3 configuraton (registry file)
    SmartTracker7 configuraton (registry file)
    VertigoScanner3 configuraton (registry file)
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